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Tonight I wish to bring to the attention of the House the work of the Black Springs Community Association. The Black Springs Progress Association was established in 1959 and earlier this year in April at their AGM it was decided to transition from a progress association to an incorporated community organisation. Fifty-nine people from the district attended the meeting and there was overwhelming support for change. Including the word 'community' in their new title also acknowledges the surrounding areas and towns that are involved in the group. This includes Porters Retreat, Mount David and Shooters Hill.

The Black Springs Community Association is working hard to build community spirit and bring the community together, which is particularly important in this time of drought. A number of events are in the planning stages. A community meet-and-greet has been organised for December at the local hall. This will involve a sausage sizzle, and no country event is complete without one of those. The local hall has been described as the heart of the community. Next year will also mark 60 years of the association and so plans are afoot to mark that milestone as well. A festival has been mooted which is expected to take place in September and will feature various stalls, markets and activities.

While the group are working to bring new life into the community, they are also very aware of their history. April 2019 will mark 200 years since European explorer Charles Throsby arrived at Black Springs. The area has a rich Indigenous, pioneering and bushranging history, and 2019 will be a very busy year. A new village plan is being developed and there are moves afoot to secure new playground equipment for the sportsground, to have amenities at the tennis court upgraded and to have a paved area for the front of the hall installed. The association is also designing a new logo.

Members of the Black Springs Community Association include Elsbeth Alexander, who is the secretary, Racheal Maher, who is the treasurer, and Christine Healey, who is the president of the association. Well done, Christine, for all of your hard work. I would also like to acknowledge Dominica Lemmich, Annette Hill, Holden Smith, Lachlan McEvoy, Greg Healey, Sally Watton, Maureen Behan, Anne Wilson, Janet Dwyer, Leon Dwyer, Allan Dumbleton, Julie Harris, Alisha Gibbons, Megan King, Nancy Dennis, Peter Shephard, Maria McGrath, Theresa Mazzotti, Valerio Mazzotti, Owen Gibbons, Harry Gibbons, Linda Gibbons, Michelle Swaan, Ceanne Barron, Belinda Costa, David Costa, Barry and Mary Jane Hoolihan, Antonia Maguire, Jill and Brien Ross, Michelle Collocott, Michael Gibbons, Tahnee Gibbons, Kathy Beesley, Brian Beesley, Anthony McGrath, Glennie McGrath, Karol Hogan, Kevin Hogan, Alexandra Tuson, Rod Tuson, Jenny Capel, Don Capel, Andrew McClure, Mark Kellam, Glenn Behan, Lisa Behan, Belinda Jane Massey, Armando and Julie Giovannetti, Brian Alexander, Lois Gibbons and Eddie Gibbons.

As can you see from that rather lengthy list, the Black Springs Community Association has very much succeeded in bringing the local community together, and all of those folks who I have just named and acknowledged in this House tonight have worked very hard to build community spirit at Black Springs, which is in the high country in the Great Dividing Range. I would like to acknowledge and thank those members of the Black Springs Community Association for their hard work and dedication to making life better for the people in their district. They have gone about their task with energy, enthusiasm and also great passion.

I think one of the wonderful things about living in the country is that our country communities have that wonderful community spirit and, when we face difficult times, our country communities come together. The Black Springs Community Association has been instrumental in bringing the community of the Black Springs district together for the common good. There are exciting things happening at Black Springs, and I again thank and acknowledge all of those wonderful community members of the Black Springs Community Association.