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Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Matt Canavan has applauded the resources sector for its contribution to the NSW Central West, during a visit to the region with local Federal MP, Member for Calare and Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister, Andrew Gee.

“Andrew Gee is a great advocate of the local resources sector in Calare and it’s great to be with him, visiting some of the terrific mining operations including Cadia Valley south of Orange – which is a beacon is this nation’s resources sector,” Mr Canavan said.

“Like other regional industries, mining contributes to the lifeblood of centres like Orange, Bathurst and Lithgow and many other smaller communities in the area.

“It’s disappointing however that we can’t be celebrating the development of Kepco’s proposed Bylong Valley coal mine which would have created more than 1000 new jobs and injected hundreds of millions of dollars into the region, because Sydney based bureaucrats, who have no idea about the bush, kyboshed it,” Mr Canavan said.

Tens of thousands of people are employed in the resources sector in regional NSW, with many of those in the Central West. It’s estimated almost a thousand Central West businesses are directly supported by the sector while it’s worth more than $1 billion.  

Mr Gee said Minister Canavan has been a strong voice for the resources sector and it was great to highlight the excellent operations making a great contribution to the region at Cadia Valley Mine - which employs 1200 local staff and injects more than $165 million in wages back into the local economy.

“Cadia Valley is a great example of industry working alongside community and I have to commend Newcrest on the continued success of the venture, one which generates over $1 billion in revenue each year.

“Not only is the mine firing on all cyclinders at present - it is implementing new technology right across the mine site, which includes some pretty innovative automation. I was pleased to hear that this automation wouldnot result in any job losses, instead freeing up staff for other roles across the facility,” Mr Gee added.

“It’s great to have Minister Canavan here today supporting the local resources sector, which supports the electorate of Calare,” Mr Gee concluded.