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I often tell people that if you want to know what country communities are all about then come and have a look at a country show. It is show season in central western New South Wales at the moment. The shows are a highlight of the local calendar. On Saturday, 18 February, I attended the 2017 Gulgong show, the 129th year of that wonderful institution. It takes a lot of time and effort from hardworking volunteers to ensure the ongoing success of country shows like that at Gulgong, and I want to make special mention of the team at Gulgong, who put on such a great event recently.

I would like to mention president Ian Haynes, senior vice-president Chris Seis, junior vice-president Lisa Byfield, secretary Brigid Glover, Treasurer Judy Eady, assistant secretary Jean Monaghan and hardworking committee member Louise Butlin. I also mention the patrons: Ken Evans, Ruby Gossage, Bill Hensley, Jim McDonnell, Ernie Tolhurst and Toni Wright. I need to mention the pavilion steward, Wendy Byfield, and we could not forget the ringmaster, Brian Hardy. Of course, it would not be a country show without the cakes, and Ruby Gossage was the cake steward—she has been doing that for about 60 years. The MC and entertainment was provided by Des Kelly and Vangie Gudgeon, and it was a privilege to reunite the band in a sense when I did the 'Folsom Prison Blues' and the 'Ring of Fire' with Des and Vangie in the pavilion later in the afternoon.

I would also like to mention Tony Wright and Ken and Esther Evans, who are life members on the committee; Tracey and Dave Spencer; and, of course the gentlemen in the wool section, who showed me through what had been happening in wool around the Gulgong area—Ron Rayner, Bruce Maxwell and Tim Maxwell. And, of course, I could not fail to mention Peter and Ann Doran, who did a wonderful job and who were working on the gate when I saw them too.

I also officially opened the 2007 Rylstone-Kandos Show on 25 February. Again, it was an exceptional show. I would like to mention president, Cameron Clarke; vice president, Sam Hamilton; vice president, Leanne Neilson; and secretary, Nancy Keck. Klaus and Nancy are well-known community workers in the Rylstone area. And I will also mention the committee members: Dian Gillespie; Robbie Marshall—a tireless community champion; Reece Oldfield; Riley Murphy; Stephen Evans; Janine Keech; Sam Price; John Kirk; Glen Spackman; and Jess Rogers.

The Rylstone-Kandos show was a wonderful community event. I was there working on a booth with Sandy Walker and Margaret Reid. It was a wonderful event, full of community spirit and community members, and it is a tribute to them. Lloyd Coleman was there—I need to make mention of him. Congratulations to our country show volunteers.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER ( Ms Bird ): In accordance with standing order 193 the time for member's constituency statements has concluded.