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CONSTITUENCY STATEMENTS - Calare Electorate: Scouting

 I'd like to draw the House's attention to the fact that this year the 3rd Bathurst (All Saints Cathedral) Scout Group is celebrating its 85th anniversary. The Scout group was established in 1932 by Canon Edward John Davidson, and I'm pleased to report to the House today that the group is still going strong. Scouting in the Bathurst community has earned great respect for its core values and the leadership skills that it brings. The organisation helps our younger people flourish and become an integral part of the community through developing areas of personal growth and, as I've mentioned, leadership as well. Internationally, Scouting is a movement that aims to help build a world where young people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in the wider society.

I'd like to make special mention of a number of members of the 3rd Bathurst (All Saints Cathedral) Scout Group: leader in charge Sandie Thomas; chair Rory Hock; treasurer Meegan Meekin; secretary Ann Louise Hardy; committee members Sam Higgins, Keith Worthington, Peter Brady, Leanne Upton and David McInroy; section leaders of the joey mob Jacinta Heaton, Kristal Thomas, Sophia Kersten and Rebecca Robinson-Carroll; section leaders of the cub pack Rochelle Dawes, Paul Hennessy and Tom Christie; section leaders of the scout group Simon Fraser, Steven Fry, Corey Belan, Greg Nichols and Geordie Mulholland; and section leaders of the venturer unit Gary Jonassen and Chris Worthington.

It's estimated that some 2,000 young people have been part of this group since its foundation and the group has trained and had some 200 adult leaders since its inception. The group estimates that since 1932 it's completed 100,000 hours of community service for the local area. And today the group averages around 1,000 hours of community service a year. They take part in all manner of community events, including Australia Day, the motorbike festival, Autofeast, the Blayney 2 Bathurst bike race, Anzac Day events, Anzac Day badge selling, the Edgell Jog, McHappy Day and Lions Club hamper packing.

I was recently at the cathedral service in Bathurst for the 85th anniversary celebrations. It was a wonderful occasion. It was well supported and attended by members of the broader community. I would like to thank and recognise the 3rd Bathurst (All Saints Cathedral) Scout Group for their work and wish them a happy anniversary.