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The great city of Lithgow is famous for many things, but in particular Ironfest. I attended Ironfest for the first time in April, and it certainly did not disappoint. Behind this unique and outstanding event is a hardworking team. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and mention them, including the production team: founding festival director Macgregor Ross; assistant festival director Boris Hunt; performance director Tahmour Bloomfield; historical re-enactment director Andrew Beattie; stalls coordinator Pennie Lennon; ticketing and marketing director Rich Evans, who did an absolutely outstanding job; site manager Bob Kemnitz; and other production team members, including Anna Culliton, Amanda Horner, Klaas Borst, Nathaniel Chan, Adrian Symes, Lucius Culliton and Stella Culliton.

I would also like to make special mention of the administration team: President Rich Evans, who again fulfilled his duties with great panache; Vice-Presidents Scott Machin and Bill Neubeck; Treasurer Erin Maloney; secretary Lucas Blanchard; and committee members Bob Kemnitz and the irrepressible Ian Rufus.

Can I also make mention of the Lithgow Lions Club, who have manned the gate for 16 years, including John Edwards, the president; Kim Edwards; Margaret Edwards; Sophie Chapman; Bill Neubeck; Barbara Bretherton; Allan Blacklock; Robert Welch; Belinda Welch; Bill Evans; Alan Lindsay; and Joan Deeley.

Congratulations to everyone involved on an outstanding and successful event!