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One of the things that makes Australia such a wonderful country is that when natural disasters or crises strike, we come together.

The world sees Australia at its best when we do so.

The current bushfire emergency across our state has again meant that as a nation, we need to unite and get through this devastating crisis.

I will admit I haven’t been impressed with the political point scoring that’s gone on in recent days over this issue. The politics needs to be kept out of it, so everyone can get on with doing all we can to assist affected communities.

There will be time enough for that, once the fires are out and people are safe.

For now, we need to be focussing on supporting our firies and other emergency personnel and also the victims of this awful tragedy, especially given lives have been lost and homes destroyed.

Personally, I want to thank all of our brave firies and emergency services personnel for putting themselves in harm’s way to protect others, both locally and in other parts of the state.

You personify the best of our nation and we all owe you a debt of gratitude.


Fire support summary

We’re standing shoulder to shoulder with communities and emergency services:

  • There is immediate financial support for those worst hit by the New South Wales and Queensland Bushfires
  • The Disaster Recovery Payment will provide $1000 for eligible Adults and $400 for eligible Children
  • And for those who have lost their income as a direct result of the bushfires, the Government will provide those eligible up to 13 weeks income support via the Disaster Recovery Allowance
  • Payments are available now and eligibility can be checked at or by calling 1802266
  • This will help provide dignity for families as they recover after the fires
  • Other support available will help to meet the immediate needs of people in the fire zone, providing things such as food and clothing
  • It can also help replace basic household needs such as smoke-damaged bedding when people return to their homes
  • This will also help fund the emergency response and clean up after the fire
  • We’ve acted swiftly to provide immediate financial support to those in need