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Rain, hail or shine, we can always rely on our SES volunteers. The Orange City SES unit has over 40 members, and at a recent presentation night four members of the Orange City SES unit were deservingly recognised. Kim Stevens, the Orange City SES Unit Commander, was awarded life membership. Kim joined the SES as a 14-year-old, and he will soon be presented with his 50-year service pin—an extraordinary milestone. His son, Rob Stevens, is following in his father's footsteps. He is the Orange City SES Unit Rescue Officer. Chaplain Ron Murray was recognised on the night for five years service. Patrice Watson and Amanda Aitken have dedicated 10 years to the local SES unit and were also recognised for their years of volunteering. Kim, Rob, Ron, Patrice and Amanda are part of a hardworking and dedicated community-driven team.

I would like to recognise their fellow SES colleagues: Acting Deputy Unit Commander Liann Deyssing, Ashesh Dutta, Beau Carter, Brendan Lowe, Brett Kerruish, Callum Cope, Christophe Derrez, Courtney Green, Craig Wright, David Oakden, David Anderson, Brett McMahon, Dylan Took, Glenda Gavin, Grace Garretty, Grant Hill, Ivan Littlewood, Jessica Frost, Josh Dillon, Keiren McLeonard, Matthew Warner, Michael Hughes, Paul Beard, Paul Beshara, Peter Hodgins, Phillip Kirkwood, Rachael Stevens, Richard Newson, Scarlett Bruem, Sharon Hesse, Shaun Mills, Shaun Simms, Shawn Goodrich, Steven Cox, Toni McDonald, Tracy Hoban, Trevor Lucas, Wendy Butterfield, William Rollo and Bill Walsh.

The Bathurst SES unit has been extremely busy in the past week, with strong winds and rain causing damage across the region. The Bathurst SES has responded to fallen trees on community roads and private properties, leaking roofs and minor flooding requiring sandbagging. Last week, four teams of two personnel were sent out and, while the rain is certainly welcome across the central west, it has seen another team sent out this morning to provide assistance. There are 78 members in the Bathurst unit, each and every one of them courageous and selfless. The Bathurst SES unit is also a general land rescue unit, with around 21 team members ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These members have undergone specialised training in road crash rescues and other immediate life-threatening tasks. It is their job to work with the police and other emergency agencies any time of the day or night.

The Bathurst SES unit are also seen at a range of community events, most recently the Edgell Jog. This Friday, however, they will be at the Ben Chifley Dam with students from the Carenne School, demonstrating what's involved in a flood rescue. Dam safety and water safety in general is extremely valuable, especially as we head into summer. I would like to recognise each of the Bathurst SES unit members tonight, including: Ben Cox, deputy unit commander, Hywel Blake, deputy unit commander, Gavan Ellis, local SES commander, Jessie Davidson, SES unit commander, Abigail Sutton, Alexandra Mckay, Allison Couchman, Andrea Faggiotto, Andrew McDonough, Ashleigh Seabrook, Belinda Baker, Benjamin Keogh, Bethany Hunt, Bianca Russell, Carissa Geyer, Caroline Forest, Chris Abbott, Christopher Marel, Claire Jarjoura, Corey Dunlop, Dale Pennycuick, David Tomlinson, David Chemello, Elizabeth Tuckey, Ellen Browne, Grant Brunton, Hayden Beer, Jackson Livingstone, Jameson Edwards, Jane Sisley, Jared Grimmond, Jesse Rigney, Joshua Hunt, Joshua Besterwitch, Kelly Douglas, Kerry Rigney, Kerryn Murray, Kurt Finnerty, Lauren Donlan, Leonie Hazell, Lisa Bray, Matthew Perry, Matthew Booth, Meaghan Darling, Miao Li, Michael McKay-Hines, Nikki Rodriguez, Parvinder Singh, Paul Rodenhuis, Phillip Palangas, Raef Amin, Rezvan Abedi, Rhys Dive, Riley O'Keeffe, Rochelle Dawes, Roslyn Alexander, Ryan Bruin, Ryan McNarey, Samantha-Jo Harris, Samuel Smith, Scott Bray, Selina Cox, Selina Harlum, Serene Loudoun-Shand, Shannon Webber, Sieanna Wentworth-Perry, Skye-Rhiannon Veech, Sophie Cousins, Steven Eldridge, Steven Cox, Susanne Dixon, Terence Smith, Terrance Christian, Thomas Mumford, Thomas Brunton, Tina Evans, Trevor Gunter and Wayne Bowden.

Our SES volunteers serve a cause greater than themselves to protect life and property in our country communities, and it is an honour to pay tribute to SES units everywhere this evening.