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Last week we marked National Volunteer Week, and I am proud to say there are over 27,000 volunteers in the Calare electorate. Volunteers are absolutely vital in country communities, and without them country communities would grind to a halt. I wanted to recognise some of the wonderful volunteers in the Rylstone and Kandos communities in the House today. Firstly, Kandos Rylstone Community Radio 98.7 has over 50 volunteers, 30 of whom are announcers. The committee was formed in 1993, and the station went to air in 1994. After starting out at the local high school, they set up a permanent office in the main street of Kandos in 1998, and they have been a 24-hour broadcaster since 2001. I would like to make special mention of the committee, including President Brent Barlow, Vice-President Brian Neaves, Secretary Karen Riley, Treasurer Pat Spithill and members Ron Spithill, Faith Cauchi and Peter Hay. Congratulations to everyone at Kandos Rylstone Community Radio 98.7 and thank you for your wonderful work.

The CWA is well known to many country communities. Theydo absolutely vital work. The Kandos and Rylstone area is no exception. In fact, recently the CWA Kandos Gardens Fair was held. This is the main event organised by the Kandos CWA and it is highly successful. I would like to congratulate members of the Kandos CWA: President Mary Kavanagh, Vice-President Margot Palk, Treasurer Jenny More and Secretary Gemma Brading. The CWA organises the CWA Kandos Gardens Fair in conjunction with local gardeners and it is a must-see for people who love their gardens. The gardens are greatly varied with country properties and town properties, and it is a real highlight of the country calendar into that area—in fact, around the region.

I'd also like to thank the Rylstone CWA for their wonderful work in the community. They actually also helped with the CWA Kandos Gardens Fair by organising the catering. I would like to recognise Secretary and Treasurer Margaret Baxter, President Robin Johnston, Debbie Bush, Susan Dabanon, Bev Duss, Jenni Farrell, Nola Fraser, Monica Hawkins, Helen Marsonet, Elizabeth McKay, Carol Norris, Diane Page, Wendy Rodda, Margaret Skropeta and life member Shirley McQuiggin. As I said, they organised and catered for the morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea at the garden fair and did a wonderful job.

The CWA have been wonderful advocates for country people over many generations and decades. They have worked with me on many campaigns, including the campaign for a 24-hour rescue helicopter. We appreciate all of our volunteers around the region, including the Rylstone-Kandos area.