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I wish to bring to the attention of the House a pioneer—indeed, a legend—of the airwaves, Ron Camplin, who is celebrating 70 years in radio. Ron began his career back in 1948 as a lunch runner for 2CH in Sydney when he was just 15 years old. In 1951, Ron took on a role at 2XL in Cooma before moving to 2MG Mudgee where, at 22 years of age, he was appointed manager of the station. Ron then went on to form Camplin Broadcasters in 1969, acquiring both 2BS and 2MG before also purchasing 2LF in Young in 1976. Ron's attention turned to the Bathurst area eight years later, when he sold 2LF and 2MG to acquire full control of Bathurst Broadcasters. Since that time, Bathurst Broadcasters has become an institution in the central west under the leadership of Ron and his wife, Stephanie—a wonderful team. Their passion and dedication to broadcast radio is evident with 2BS and B-Rock winning 65 Commercial Radio Australia awards since 1989.

Ron's list of personal achievements is truly astonishing and reflects his status as the elder statesman of Australian broadcasting. Locally, he's been named a Bathurst Living Legend and he also holds an honorary doctorate from Charles Sturt University, amongst many other honours and achievements in his life. But his career is not finished yet. He's in the process of converting 2BS from AM to FM as well as the planned commencement of a new digital radio station for Bathurst. This House salutes you, Ron. Congratulations to you on 70 years